Rockwood Fire Precautions

Fire Doors are one of the unsung heroes of fire safety because for most of their working lives, they work just like any other door. However, a fire door must fulfil its role as an engineered safety device, with its components working together for a specified time in order to hold back the spread of fire and smoke.
Maintaining a fire door is crucial in its ability to perform to its design integrity.
These checks are necessary due to a variety of factors, from general wear & tear of the door and hardware caused by continual use, moisture absorption into the door & frame or settlement of the surrounding structure which could effect distortion in the door set.
All of these factors can impact on the integrity of the fire door and therefore
reduce the effectiveness of the seals and the doors ability to maintain the fire compartment in which it serves. If you are responsible for the fire safety or building maintenance you should have an arrangement in place to check your fire doors every 6 months.

How we can help….
We specialise in “Fire Doors” but understand the complexity of fire compartment safety. Our all inclusive service includes site inspections, product specification and supply, installation, as well as ongoing maintenance programs.
Our commitment to this specialised industry ensures that our services reflect changes in legislation. From arranging an external risk assessment, to maintaining your premises, we provide you with an effective complete service.

emergency lighting / fire alarm installation & maintenance
pat testing
fire risk assessments

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